2020 WJCC Executive Board candidates


Jen Tierney*

I’ve been chair of the combined WJCC Dems for its first two years as well as the chair of JCC Dems before the merge. 

I’m a political consultant by profession and have run more than 75 campaigns in two decades in this profession. I believe in bringing professional campaign techniques to our work as a committee. I also believe the expansion of the committee has been tremendous, but we shouldn’t stop working to grow until every single Democrat in James City County and Williamsburg has joined our ranks!

In the past two years we have worked to vastly increase our fundraising, improve staffing at the polls, provide more financial assistance to our candidates, and better organize our grassroots efforts. In addition to continuing that work, we need to work to welcome more under-represented groups into our committee, including people of color and LGBTQ. 

We can always do better, and we must! As your chair, I promise to be inclusive, thoughtful, and focused on making our area true blue.

1st Vice Chair for Williamsburg

Stacy Kern-Scheerer*

​I have served as the 1st Vice Chair for Williamsburg since Williamsburg Dems and JCC Dems merged in 2017. In that time, I have worked with my Executive Board colleagues as an integral part of the growth of our local Dems Committee.  I have actively canvassed, phonebanked, marched, lead cheers, and strategized with many of you and our Executive Board. I hope to continue to do my part for our Committee and community.

Before joining the WJCC Dems Exec Board, I served as Elections Coordinator for the Williamsburg Democratic Committee. In that time, I successfully organized volunteers to staff the Williamsburg precincts on both the Primary and General election days, acted as liaison between the Williamsburg Dems and campaigns, and strengthened our partnership with the William & Mary Young Dems.

 I have been inspired by all the dedicated Democrat community members I have met these past several years. I am excited at the prospect of continuing to work with many of you on the WJCC Democrats to advance the mission and values of the organization. Thank you for your consideration

1st Vice Chair for James City County

Christine Payne*

Like so many of us, my political activism was sparked by the 2016 Presidential Election. While I’ve been committed to the principles of the Democratic Party throughout my adult life, the importance of safeguarding those principles became acutely apparent in the aftermath of that election. Having campaigned for Obama and Clinton, I became connected to the community of the politically savvy activists and advocates who had been shouldering the heavy load for decades prior to the Women’s March and the Huddles that emerged. I became a member of the James City County Democrats prior to the merger of our city and county committees and was elected 1st Vice Chair of James City County in 2017.

The last 2 years have been incredibly rewarding, despite the dark cloud that hangs over our Nation’s Capital. WJCC Democrats, affiliate and single-issue groups have worked hard to turn our State Executive Branch, our United States Congress, and more recently, our State’s Legislative Branch, blue. We’ve lobbied, canvassed and protested, standing in solidarity on the issues that matter. I continue to be amazed at what we are able to accomplish when we come together as a community and look forward building upon our progress. It would be an honor to continue to serve our Committee as 1st Vice Chair, JCC.

2nd Vice Chair for Media and Communications

MK Sizemore*

I’ve served as 2nd Vice Chair for Media and Communications for the past two years, and I would very much like to continue.

I’ve enjoyed working on Facebook posts and emails, web pages and press releases, t-shirts and logos and shopping bags  – but more than that, I’m so proud of what the WJCC Dems have done in the past two years to expand our role in the Williamsburg-James City County community. It is a privilege to work with a group of people who are always trying to do things better, more responsively, more inclusively. Together, our committee supported amazing candidates who made impressive gains for Democrats in Congress in 2018 and in the General Assembly in 2019.

Now we’re facing another election –- one we absolutely must win. I’d be honored to stay on our outstanding WJCC Board and utilize my experience and my skills to help communicate our goals and programs, expand our membership, improve our outreach and ensure that every voter in our area understands the issues and the values we hold as Democrats.

2nd Vice Chair for Campaigns

Camilla Buchanan

I am running for the position of 2nd Vice Chair for Campaigns because I am 110% committed to campaigning for the all Democratic candidates in the upcoming 2020 election. I will work to secure a precinct captain for every precinct in Williamsburg and James City County. Then I will collaborate with these precinct captains to organize their neighborhoods.
Ideally in each neighborhood we will:

  • register new voters, 

  • identify potential Democratic voters, 

  • hold neighborhood gatherings to fund-raise and write post cards

Our measurable goal will be to increase Democratic voter turn-out on election day in each precinct

2nd Vice Chair for Membership and Outreach

Ginny Wertman**

As WJCC Democrats, our goal is to elect Democratic candidates who share our values. Developing and retaining the engaged and informed membership we need to achieve our goal is a key responsibility of the Membership and Outreach 2nd Vice Chair.

Since 2018, I chaired the Outreach Subcommittee, which conducted events designed to sustain engagement, grow our committee and enhance its diversity. I also organized the cadre of wonderful volunteers who staffed The Palace last year, and managed our postcard programs in 2018 and 2019. In addition, I am responsible for maintaining our email and membership lists, which I have enhanced to enable us to send personalized, targeted emails. I am also one of the Executive Committee members who monitors our email box to ensure your inquiries receive a timely response. I'm proud to have been a part of these efforts that, in 2019, added more than 200 subscribers to our email list and more than 66 new members. 

I would be honored to continue serving as Membership and Outreach Vice Chair. I look forward to working with you on initiatives that sustain engagement, grow our committee and diversify its membership to make us even more effective at electing Democrats! 

2nd Vice Chair for Hospitality and Events

Steve Griesinger*


Gerald Mitchell

I’m running for the WJCC Dems board to make my community a better, more inclusive place to live, play and work through acts of advocacy for those who are underserved and mentorship for those who are unaware. 

I ran as a Democrat for Williamsburg-James City County Sheriff in 2019.

I am a credentialed investigator and owner of a small business specializing in compliance investigations and security.  I served in the US Navy in Expeditionary Warfare and gained leadership and management experience with the Military Police/Master-At-Arms Corps, including multiple tours of duty enforcing laws, conducting investigations, and managing law enforcement, security, and command administrative justice programs.  

After service, I earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees, focusing on business management and government administration. In addition, I hold a training certificate in Emergency Medical Services, national certification as a Certified Fraud Examiner and credentials as a Commonwealth of Virginia Compliance Agent and Investigator. I’m a member of the Hampton Roads Chapter of the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives. 

I am also an avid community veterans advocate, participating in mentorship and outreach to local veterans.  I belong to American Legion Post 1776 and Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 4639.  


Jim Icenhour*

I am more than willing to continue serving as the Committee Treasurer.  I have the background knowledge and experience of the transition to the merged committee two years ago.  As a long time elected official, I am thoroughly familiar with COMET, the campaign finance reporting system used by the Commonwealth.  This experience is especially helpful since we now bring in enough money to require reporting the Committee's finances to the Commonwealth on a quarterly basis.


​**Appointed to replace officer who resigned