Volunteer for 2018

From now until November, we need your help to flip Congress blue and re-elect Sen. Tim Kaine. There are lots of opportunities below -- to volunteer please fill out our sign-up sheet, or call us at 833-757-2018.

The Coordinated Campaign Office is at the following address:

1215 Mount Vernon Avenue

Williamsburg, Virginia 


Possible opportunities:

  • Get email updates about campaign opportunities
  • Talk to  neighbors door to door
  • Make phone calls at headquarters or at home
  • Help write postcards to undecided voters
  • Learn how to write a persuasive letter to the editor
  • Hold a meet and greet for friends or in your neighborhood
  • Lend your home or business space for an event or fundraiser
  • Help register voters
  • House a campaign worker
  • Or suggest an idea of your own

Any support is appreciated, and will help build a blue wave in November!