Dear friends:

How great it was to wake up the morning after Election Day, see that brilliant blue Democratic sky, and know that change is coming. All of us across Virginia now see the promise of a legislature that will fight for every Virginian. No more gridlock,  no more 8 am committee hearings that consign gun safety legislation to the dustbin or block the ERA, no more fights against providing healthcare for Virginia's working families, no more denial of climate change, no more backroom maneuvers.

It's an incredible feeling of hope and optimism for the future -- and we all won it, together, with every postcard we wrote, every door we knocked or call we made, every day we signed in visitors or counted out literature or stamped a piece of mail, every dollar we donated for stamps or office rent or candidate signs, every minute we smiled and handed out sample ballots at the polls, every ride we gave to a voter.

And it took folks like us across the Commonwealth to make a Democratic-majority legislature possible, playing offense to win Republican seats and defense to hold Democratic seats.  And we did it -- achieving a 10-seat majority in the House of Delegates and a two-seat majority in the Senate.

Here locally, we are sending Senator Monty Mason back to the State Senate and Delegate Mike Mullin back to the House of Delegates. And how about John McGlennon's landslide victory for re-election as Roberts District Supervisor? John's win is a clear victory for managing growth, maintaining a top-tier school system, and preserving our historic and natural resources.

There are bitter moments along with the sweet.  Mark Downey, Herb Jones and Gerald Mitchell ran great campaigns and came up short.  But their runs energized and inspired thousands of voters and pushed their opponents to engage on important issues. 

What we did, together, is something to be so proud of -- and even more important, something we can build on next year in the national election, and the year after in state elections. 

We'll be back with you soon with some great plans for next year. 

But first let's celebrate our victories and honor everyone who helped make today happen.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Enjoy those blue skies.

Jen Tierney
Williamsburg-James City County Democrats


Upcoming Events

Stand for Safe Communities & against Gun Sanctuary in James City County

A proposal to make James City County a gun sanctuary will be discussed and voted at the Board of Supervisors meeting, and we need to attemd the session to show our opposition. Please plan to attend and sign our petition to be presented to the Board. More info and ways to help here.

Holiday Party

Join us to celebrate our year's hard work and victories at a holiday party Thursday, Dec. 12, 6-8 pm at the Vineyards at Jockey's Neck Clubhouse, 2659 Jockey's Neck Trail, Williamsburg.

More info on all of our events

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